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Title Insurance

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Title Insurance will help protect you whenever you purchase property, whether is residential or commercial, you should always have the title checked by a competent professional to ensure not only that the seller is the true owner of the land, but to also check for certain defects that might make the land unmarketable. It is also advisable to obtain title insurance to protect you against defects that unknown or unrecorded in the public records. Possible defects in land title include: false claims of ownership; forged deeds, wills or signatures; false representation; illegal acts of trustees, guardians, attorneys and administrators; human error in copying, indexing and recording of documents; improper or invalid wills; liens for unpaid estate, income, property and gift taxes; and adverse court rulings that affect the title to the land in question.

While title insurance does not guarantee that the title to your property is perfect, it is a contract of insurance that protects you against serious financial loss if your title to the land in question is ever challenged or infringed upon. Furthermore, a title insurance policy has no statute of limitation and never lapses. It offers you protection for as long as you own the property. Finally, under its terms, an owner’s policy of title insurance will provide you with a defense for any legal action brought against all matters covered by your policy, at no cost to you.

The law firm of Pruitt & Tudisco, P.C., is proud to be a licensed issuing agent for Mississippi Valley Title Insurance Company which is a part of the Old Republic National Title Insurance Company. Mississippi Valley Title and Old Republic National Title are the only title insurers to ever receive an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s. Consult our knowledgeable attorneys prior to the purchase of any real property to ensure that your financial interests properly protected.

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